Write for Your Life!

with Joanne Fay Brown


 I  was certified as an Amherst Writers & Artists (AWA) Affiliate in 2012, after taking two workshops with Pat Schneider, the founder of Amherst Writers & Artists. Those workshops transformed my life as a writer, and I have been leading and loving AWA workshops ever since — in Oaxaca, Mexico; Oakland, California; and Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

I’ve been writing since about the age of seven, and now devote my time to the magic of writing with others; guiding writers on their unique journeys; and to reading, writing and publishing poetry. I also offer AWA writing workshops for cancer patients and survivors. I worked as a writer in the corporate world for 25 years, and I have an MBA, a Master in Social Work, and a BA in English Language and Literature. 

I bring to my work a love of language and irrepressible curiosity. While I’m pleased that my poems have found their way into journals and my corporate work has won awards, my truest satisfaction is in my never-ending amazement and delight at the beautiful writing that occurs in each of my workshops, and in helping other writers move their work forward. 

Joanne Brown

I always wished I could write, but lacked confidence. Joanne provided a welcoming, comfortable and safe environment. Her careful, gentle, honest and supportive guidance helped bring out the real me and the stories that were inside me. And, to my surprise and delight, the workshop was therapeutic.

D. V.

Santa Fe