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eed to deliver a world-class keynote speech? Publish a nuanced and carefully-worded op-ed on a contentious issue? Convince employees to get behind a high-stakes new business strategy? Convey the excitement of a blockbuster biomedical product?


Joanne F. Brown has been providing sophisticated executive communications — speeches, books, op-eds, articles, corporate reports and more — to thought leaders since 1990. I’m a strategic thinker, an empathic listener, a skilled debater, a visual thinker, a veteran writer, and a friendly, persistent collaborator. I’ve written about the most complex and fascinating topics, including:

  • biomedical research, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare
  • finance and globalization
  • energy and the environment
  • economic change and strategy
  • company change and employee mobilization
  • academic-industry collaboration and technology transfer
  • religion and politics

My job is to stand in your shoes, understand your distinct voice and style, help you hone your key messages, and write and present your story so that your audience is on its feet, clapping, and ready for action.

Joanne has an extraordinary ability to take complex, technical material and bring it alive for the audience. I’ve recommended her to many of our member organizations in the biomedical industry — including Pfizer, Genentech and University of California — and all have achieved great results.

Molly Ingraham

California Healthcare Institute

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Joanne F. Brown Communications

World-class Communication for Thought Leaders